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About us:

             Staffingspot.com is an online job portal which helps candidates finds their projects/jobs proactively with the companies providing job opportunities. This is one of its kind job boards for Contract, Contract to permanent, Permanent employment with Agencies, System Integrators, Project Development companies and other clients.

Staffingspot.com is available for registered employers and registered job seekers.

Staffingspot.com helps staffing companies, project teams and end clients in identifying and hiring the most qualified consultants. This can be used by companies who have multiple offices at various regions within a country and various cities.

Job Seeker can post their profiles, do job search, apply to various positions, and manage the job search process. Job Seekers update their profiles for free in Staffingspot.com and they can figure out from thousands of new job postings, which is suitable for them. Staffingspot.com allows the candidates to choose from the jobs which are closer to their home or matching their skills and/or enhance their career. Jobseekers can provide reference about a job through the use of social media like Facebook and Twitter .